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Tangled Webs

"Oh what a tangled web we weave..."

“...when first we practice to deceive.” -Sir Walter Scott

The Mainstream Media (MSM) is in full fledged damage control mode as the House Intelligence Committee recently voted to release Representative Devin Nunes’ memo. The memo apparently exposes gross government overstep and what could literally be defined as a coup against the sitting President. The Democrats were resolute on keeping the documents classified and away from the peering eyes of curious American citizens. The reasons cited were national security and fear of exposing investigative tools used by the nation's elite law enforcement agency: The FBI.

I watched at least three hours of CNN coverage in awe as the talking heads tried to put the skepticism of their avid watchers, listeners, and consumers to rest. All hands were on deck at CNN as Christ Cuomo, Don Lemon, Van Jones, Anderson Cooper, and a carefully selected group of panelists tried to mitigate the damage by completely disregarding the memo's revelations as one hundred percent political smear.

“It’s a distraction”

“The Republicans are terrified of the Russian investigation!”

“This is a Republican cover-up!”

“They are afraid of the truth!”

Nancy Pelosi even went as far as to insinuate that the average American is incapable of navigating the memo and making up their own minds in defense of keeping them classified. While watching CNN I noted that the Democratic talking heads would wantonly assume the motive of the Republicans that voted to release the memo instead of factually disputing it.

The way I have historically characterized people and institutions is by the fruit they bear. Like I have previously quoted in my podcasts, “You will know them by their fruits.” This mantra is very important to consider when contemplating politics (among other important life decisions). Especially in a political climate where violence has been, too often, the response to an ideological disagreement. This mantra ensures that what is done transcends what is said—and in politics, much is said.

Let’s look at the facts: The current Administration under President Donald Trump has cooperated one hundred percent with the Special Counsel by handing over requested documents for his investigation. They have cooperated so much so that the President has agreed to be interviewed by Mueller despite the frightening revelations of explicit bias and government overstep that taints the investigation. In the White House Press Briefings Sarah Huckabee Sanders has publicly stated, time and time again, that the Administration is determined to fully cooperate with the Special Counsel in hopes that, when completed and exposed as the sham it is, Democrats will finally be willing to work with the President to better the country.

How the Democrats have operated while under investigation, as opposed to the current Administration, is startling. They stonewall Congress without apology by refusing to provide documentation, they abuse the 5th Amendment (as opposed to pleading it), and they have physically destroyed subpoenaed evidence as if they have a monopoly on justice. These are documented facts that beg the question: “Where is Attorney Jeff Sessions when you need him?

We are faced with two groups: One that would rather conceal the full truth from the American people without good reason, and the other who would rather American’s digest the contents of the memo and decide for themselves if what has been taking place is ethical. While some people rather live in ignorance and bliss, I refuse to allow grave injustices to take place in the name of political real estate and power. It is our job to hold our leaders accountable and to demand transparency. Regardless of where you sit on the Russia Collusion fence, be encouraged, because what is done in darkness will always come to light! Which side of history will you be on?

Nice piece J. Really shocking that this is where we are. It sounds crazy-but you're right- this is an ongoing refusal by one party to accept a legal presidential election. It's a slow-motion coup.


Thanks, Jon! Wayne WB Bradley on 910 AM Detroit said, "If you don't believe the FBI would target Donald Trump and use "unlawful means" to gather information on him, then you don't know the history of the Bureau. The only difference is that they're being exposed in real time-- not 30-40 years from now."

I don't think anyone doubts the good work the rank and file at the FBI do on a daily basis... but the leadership has proven to be tainted! I truly hope the unadulterated truth comes to light soon... to me this is less of a democratic/republican issue and more of a truth and justice issue.