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Samantha Bee & Eric Schneiderman

Samantha Bee fawned over Eric Schneiderman on her show a while back, now he was "just a guest."

Agenda comedian, Samantha Bee, is having to walk back her affection for Eric Schneiderman. A while back, Bee had Eric Schneiderman on her show and she was filled with awe and admiration for Schneiderman because he was fighting President Trump via state's rights (Leftists conveniently discover a love for federalism). Being an agenda comedian, the aim aim of her show is to push progressive values, with humor on the side. Whereas regular comedians' main objective is to make people laugh. And if they are liberal or conservative, their political ideology is served on the side.

Because of Bee's agenda, her past interview with Schneiderman has gotten the attention of her detractors and they've been enjoying the juxtaposition of her past love for Schneiderman versus her present stunned outrage. If Bee was a moderately objective media figure, she would have been able to toss Schneiderman aside with relative ease. If she weren't an agenda comedian, she would have been able to do the same. But because her agenda comes first, she's caught in a predicament of her own making.

I enjoy Samantha. But yes most comedians veer super far left. Wonder what's with comedy and liberals that they do well together


I don’t mind liberal comedians. Most them are, but in order to be funny, you have to make jokes regardless of ideology. Some of my favorite comedians are very liberal but their goal first is to make me laugh. Bee’s agenda is to flaunt her ideology in a humorous way. Agenda comedy makes humor predictable and stale.


One name comes to mind, Bill Maher


One thing Bill Maher does is criticize his own party and attacks the PC culture. There’s still some of him left from the 90’s