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Painkillers Destroyed His Life?! | MobileCast Ep. 2

What do you do when the things meant to help you.... hurt you?

Welcome to the second episode of The Objective MobileCast. Today I have a story for you about a young man I met who's life was changed drastically after suffering a really bad sports injury. The medication meant to aid in dealing with the pain, actually acted as a gateway to a greater evil...

Let me know what you guys think about painkiller addiction. Have you ever been hooked? Do you know anyone who has been?

Another good topic J! First, if medicine was more holistic, we wouldn't be in the opioid mess we're in. It's all come down to taking pills and a quick answer. I'm just getting to understand how bad the opiod addiction is - and how pervasive. I hope someone who has been through this can share their experience with this problem.


Nice new format and now has a name Mobilecast! Keep it up!


Tough issue to tackle. But a current one.


god it's so sad - but seemingly all too common.


@TheObjectivePodcast @Britgirl20 It is horrendous. My wife works for drug court, and every other day someone dies from an OD. The problem is there still isn’t enough treatment available, what is can be so expensive that it can literally cause families to go bankrupt.


It seems like such a hopeless endeavour because of how rampant drug addiction is. If government money should be going anywhere it should be to establish programs that empower people hooked on drugs through rehabilitation and other resources. To some it may sound like throwing money down the drain but we gotta do something! Maybe harsher penalties for distributors. Instead of making plea deals to lower a trafficking charge to mere possession... We should be throwing the book at drug dealers!

@TheObjectivePodcast That is the problem, also the pharmaceutical companies that made and pushed the drugs down people's throats are not being held responsible. Part of the reason why is because they spend more money than the NRA lobbying in DC.