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Meet Bill Sornsin: COO Of The Maven

My conversation with Bill Sornsin who is the COO of Our Platform (and partner), The Maven

I met Bill Sornsin when they recruited us to join their platform; then, I found him to be a really interesting guy who was one of the creators of all of the content that came alive on line with the internet boom. I filed this away for a future interview with him and here he is. It is fascinating talking with someone who was one of the pioneers of what we all now take for granted.

Bill began his career in Electrical Engineering and later paused to get his MBA from UCLA, before joining Microsoft in product development. He went on to lead the team that brought MSN to the internet format that we all now recognize.

Then, with Jim Heckman (formerly of Yahoo), The Chairman of The Maven, Bill founded two successful organizations that were the forerunner to the platform you see today on Political Storm. They've created a place where lots of independent publishers from many types of content can flourish. Today The Maven platform has 90 million viewers.

I hope you enjoy meeting Bill and hearing what he has to say. We cover a lot of ground in a short time about him and The Maven's mission. We also go into some of the controversy surrounding Facebook and Google.

Let me know what you think and what you'd like to hear about from Bill and I'll have him back on.

This was a big interview Jon. What he says sounds good. Lets see how it turns out. fingers crossed


Great interview, Jon! Bill Sornsin is an Internet legend and to be part of the Maven network and the purpose of the coalition is just amazing for PS!


Wow! This is something big! Nice interview with THE Bill Sornsin!


Really nice to see the minds behind the platform. It was also eye opening to hear just how big the community is as a collective body. Great interview, Jon.

Maven is great, hopefully they can market to more people to make the crowd better.