Jay Discusses the Paris Knife Attack and Why We Should Be Vigilant

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Like this Jay:) what I can’t get my head around is the idea that many of our leaders ignore the danger and pretend there is no threat.


Love it! Great job!


They should incorporate vigilance and awareness as mandatories at schools and/or offices. Some people are just way too complacent


Sad day for the family of that 1 dead casualty. If the police had leads and monitors him for radicalism shouldn't this be like prevented or something?


Great question. And it seems that we are always hearing that Law Enforcement had contact or information on these mass killers/extremists. In Canada, there are KNOWN extremists who have fought against US, European, and Canadian soldiers in the middle east ... and these guys are living comfortably in our cities. Its ridiculous. The tricky part is when you have individuals who sympathize with extremist groups but haven't threatened to commit crimes. They are ticking time bombs... and Law Enforcement's hands are tied because it isn't necessarily criminal to sympathize with a particular group. Perhaps bolstering the Patriots act would be a step in the right direction.

@TheObjectivePodcast there is one problem and that is that many of those who are radicals and condone violence may actually never commit it. There have been many studies that have found that those who do sympathize with radicals, do not go as far as to act violently. As a result it is hard to know exactly who will commit an act of terror or violence and who is just running their mouths. Also law enforcement is in many instances undermanned when it comes to all of those who are on the radar. I think one of the greatest risks is those who are radicalized here at home. There are preventative measures that communities can take when they are aware to squash that situation, and prevent that person from possibly acting violently. Still the violence that is committed by radicals is not something that is always easy to predict.

it's an impossible situation now. It has been allowed to get to the point where there are literally thousands of radicalised individuals living and working amongst us - whether they intend to commit violence or not - their values and views are damgerous to our societies.

@Britgirl20 The problem is that it is radicals from all sides, and while people have the right to their own beliefs, it is still impossible to tell who will act. There are Islamic radicals who will say that Israel and the rest of the West are the enemy and that they should be killed. He or she may never do it, but they could influence others. The same with Neo-nazis and White Nationalist. The fact also is that are too many to necessarily keep an eye on. As you said those who we are not aware of could be those who prescribe to those beliefs.


All these radical talk, why were they admitted in the first place if they're radicals? Shouldn't they be like barred from entering or there's no law denying radicals entry in countries like Canada or USA?

@AveryCO You can’t necessarily bar them if law enforcement isn’t fully aware of their beliefs, or intent. It’s not necessarily that easy to identify all radicals.

Great point. That makes it verrrrrry difficult to deal with these circumstances proactively instead of reactively


@TheObjectivePodcast What also can make it difficult is even if once discovered that there is a radical element, law enforcement won’t necessarily take action if nothing physical has been done. They can do a threat assessment but if that comes back as not being an imminent threat along the guidelines sometimes the best that can be done is to watch the individual and wait and see.

Not a fan. It took 10 minutes for him to say "be situationally aware and have a plan" while distracting himself in traffic? Here's some solid advice that takes much less time and is much more likely to save your life than "stand next to pillars" and "sit at the back". Give up soda, lose 10 lbs, and don't call people sub-humans unless they're a punk band.