What are you talking about. I can see whatever I want. Guns no guns crazy snake worshipers or Catholic masses. This is a lie trying to divide. Aren't we done with this. Or is this the main objective.

Divide and conquer give yourself a pat on the ass for ignornorane

If you read the article you will see it has nothing to do with being able to "see" whatever you want. YouTube was created and funded with ads for revenue and they set up a system to encourage content creators to continue providing quality videos with incentives for ad revenue sharing. There are many channels on YouTube, mostly Conservative channels, that have had their monetization (is that even a word?) removed due to their content. So, yes, YouTube is censoring content, but not in the way that you generally think of censorship... it's censorship by removal of funds, which many creators use to help fund future videos.

For more information on this, see an article I wrote last year about YouTube Demonetization. https://www.themaven.net/politicalstorm/independent/is-youtube-getting-political-1ROvAYwmo0aiRzzKv58u6w?full=1


Yes Patriot, monetization is a word and it's real! And it's not just the conservatives doing it. Everyone regardless of political spectrum does it. As long as Youtube remains open to ALL then I am happy. It is a global phenomenon and it shouldn't take sides because it's literally too big, it's a monopoly.


My god, can't antitrust bodies do something about it? No other entity can boast of a decent competition to Youtube and if they do this, it would be suppression of freedom!

Can't antitrust bodies do something about this obvious abuse of monopoly power by Youtube?

Agreed! Gross overstepping of power. I'm sure there are other political viewpoints that are being suppressed, but it is most obvious in the Conservative community on YouTube. Casey Neistat did a great video discussing it (many other big content creators have as well)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPjOQTOkK4Q

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