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Edgy & Intelligent Talk Show Hosts Like Jimmy Kimmel...

Jimmy Kimmel recently said that "intelligence" is the reason that late night talk show hosts are liberal. Really?

Intelligence might have something to do with the successes of late night talk show hosts, but it strikes me as odd when Jimmy Kimmel used his sick child as a "human shield" when he pontificated on the subject of healthcare. An intelligent person might want to use the power of his ideas to persuade people to support his opinions. I also don't think it's not a good sign of "intelligence" when one is being spoon fed talking points from the DNC.

My idea of "intelligence" would be to do my own research on the topic, leave my son at home and Senator Chuck Schumer in D.C, and begin my opening monologue with what I think is right.

Also, it's not a sign of intelligence when EVERY late night talk show host, or comedian for that matter, comes to the exact same conclusion. It's a sign of laziness and ideological possession.

I love Ben's analysis! The mere fact that Kimmel made that statement just goes to show the extent of his one dimensional state of mind. It's sad really. Great content, keep it up!


Kimmel has the mentality of a college freshman that’s just discovered the political arena and is sure that he knows everything.

And than you, sir.



Super on point! Great minds think alike but fools rarely differ