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Connecticut joins 10 other states that want to get rid of electoral college

Conservative Mexican talks about states that want to get rid of The Electoral College.

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The Electoral College has held different results for most Republican presidents who won after challenging Democrat incumbents (Bush and now Trump. If it were just for public popular votes, Democrats would be winning every election since Clinton. Shows to you too how most people are primed by a very left-leaning media from hollywood to news.


You can't be serious. There's a reason why the Electoral College was established in the first place. Perhaps the legislators in these states pushing for this need to go back and reread their government history . . . OR perhaps these states are just sore losers?? To save yourself and them some time - just Google Electoral College and read up. It's brilliant, actually. Keeps the Left and Right coasts from having all the say in elections . . . but don't get me started . . .