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This is the final result of a culture that is immersed in PC. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


Come on now. "immersed in PC"? Really? Do you think a barista on her last day gives 1/2 a rat's ass whether or not Starbucks gives away a free cup of coffee? You should check out Not Always Right . com. Most of the corporate workforce goes through extensive training to not piss people off since, as you may have noticed, it can serious negative consequences. The a*e in front of you in line at the party store trying to get his coupon applied to all 6 bottles of Old Grandad instead of just one like it says on the coupon may be a vet. The guy parking in the handicapped space without a sticker might be driving his double amputee WWII hero grandad, and so on and so forth. It's not political correctness that makes the service industry compliant. It's the fact that after years of dealing with idiots and getting hollered at when they don't live up to management expectations many of their personal fkometers are reading approximately zero fks left to give. plus you gotta admit the voucher was pretty convincing