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Kanye and Candid Thoughts on the Cult of Celebrity

Virstyne talks about Kanye West

Charles Barkley made the comment back in his prime that he "was not your role model". He did not embrace the responsibility of being someone who had influence over a population, and instead used it as a counter effort to show his lack of consent in becoming a person of influence. Celebrities naturally impact people. It's what they do. How much they do depends on the individual and how much control they want to lend out to someone aside from themselves. So Kanye West is out hyping the media before he drops a new album...I' can't really see the Civil Rights leaders in this country scratching their heads going, "Welp, guess we might as well call it in. Kanye ruined it all". Because what he said really isn't that important.


So can we say now that Kanye is full of shit? HAHAHAHAHA