The officer should’ve smacked the fuck out of the primate

Why is she a primate????? That officer should be terminated!


It is not the cops fault this woman is obviously over reacting to the situation when she could just simply follow the rules she probably got pulled over by a simple citation but because of the way the world is kurupt she think she is in the right when in reality we don't know the situation and it could have been avoided I'm on sides with the cop

The people who support the violence are the problem.


A government where citizens rule through elected representatives.

The people hold the power to rule. The people meet to make all the decisions. Two types of democracy: (1) direct and (2) representative.

The system of government in which the government plans and controls the economy and a single party holds the power. Strives to make everyone equal.

The power is held by a small group of people; Usually this is an elite group.

Give em an inch, they’ll be fucking you in the ass tomorrow.