Really pisses me off that is just Like the police officers here in Vallejo Califoirnia there is no rule of Law when being encountered and malicicaously lied on Used to be that a cops word was the whole truth but not no more thats why you guys are getting * by the people were going down down Hill as a country I believe we need thoise weapons of Mass destruction ust to be able to not have anarchy Unfortunatly I feel that those lives lost By a lone gunman anywere are unfortunaly how bad this sounds is worth the cost to protect our other citizens if we take that right away we will ultimatly be slaves in our own country Oviously The policeand there comanders and higher ups are Faulty Bad Bad GOVERNMENT

He did say she could continue to record, she didn't cooperate with them so that makes her just as wrong. I do think the cop did take it to far though.