VIDEO: New Jersey Cops Beat Woman on Beach over Unopened Containers of Beer

New Jersey cops beat a woman after she passed a breathalyzer, then refused to provide her name.

Emily Weinman admits she is underage and was in possession of beer as she spent Saturday at the beach with her toddler daughter and her daughter's father.

But she said the beer was not even open and she was not drunk when Wildwood police officers began making their rounds on the beach with their four-wheel all-terrain vehicles, asking for people's ages and conducting breathalyzers.

Yes, they were conducting breathalyzers right on the beach where Weinman said about 90 percent of the people were underage drinkers.

Once cops determined Weinman was not intoxicated, she walked away to make a phone call. Her daughter and her daughter's father were in the water, apparently unaware of what was taking place.

One cop followed her and asked for her name. Weinman refused to provide her name because she had not committed a crime. And that is what led to her beating, which was captured on video by a witness.

In the video, you can hear the usual "stop resisting" as they beat her, but this time, it appears that witnesses were saying that.

However, the video shows that she was just trying to keep from being beaten.

This is how Weinman explained it on her Facebook page:

I asked them don’t they have something better to do as cops than to stop people for underage drinking on the beach, saying to that there’s so much more serious stuff going on... the cop said, “I was gonna let you go but now I’ll write you up” and he asked my name. I did not do anything wrong and anything could’ve been written down on that paper so I wouldn’t give it to him. At that point I was told if I don’t give it to him he’s going to arrest me. I told him I have my 18 month old daughter with me and there’s no need for all of it and that again, I’m not gonna give him my information knowing I didn’t do anything wrong. He told me he’s arresting me and started coming towards me to put handcuffs on me. I cautiously was backing up from him (facing him) and yelled for my daughters father. (he was playing in the ocean with our daughter at the time).. I tripped and fell and the cop tackled me to the ground and smashed my head into the sand. At that point I blacked out and fought any way possible trying to get up and push him off me. Thats when he head locked me me by his arm around my neck, punched on me in my head and then he head locked me again but this time choking me, I was gasping for ear. Yes, i know I should’ve gave him my name.. I was partly wrong in a way but I was scared; Like I said I didn’t do anything wrong and anything could’ve been written on that paper, the whole situation was iffy and I didn’t trust it.. especially being aware of the fact of how grimy law enforcement can be now a days. & honestly, I can say if I took even a sip, then I would’ve gave them my information and called it a day; I’m underage, so I know better. But this whole situation was handled wrongly and blew out of proportion all because these pigs didn’t do their jobs the way they were TRAINED to do so. maybe that’s just how they train them nowadays, who knows with the world we live in today.

NJ Advance Media published a story about the incident today, saying they reached out to the Wildwood Police Department, who told them nobody was available to comment about the video at the time.

​However, the department issued a statement on its Facebook page, saying Weinman was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, one count of spitting at an officer, possession of alcohol by a minor and the usual contempt-of-cop charges, including obstructing, resisting and disorderly conduct.

The statement also said the cops have been placed on paid administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

She wasnt drunk, at the very most a MIP ticket. Maybe the cops were pissed because they were put on that beat. This looked over the top. To bad the "Cops" show wasnt filming, those cops would have been regular sweethearts.

This kind of stuff gets me really angry. 18 in the US is old enough to go to war for your country, but not to drink. That is ridiculous and how backwards that country is. Here in Australia 18 you are an adult and can drink, vote and go to war. Why didn't these cops check her husbands age? She proved she hadn't drunk, so they should have asked who she was with and to check their age as well. If she is 20, there is a pretty big chance he was 21. You mean they would beat an 8 year old child sitting next to her 21 year old brothers beers? And the spitting thing. She obviously had her head shoved in the sand and got a mouth full of it. Of course you would spit. I am 50 and it is clear to me that these officers just wanted to push their power around. Disgusting behavior and she will win against these creeps and I hope she takes them and the state to the cleaners. Video evidence does not lie.


I have Lived in Wildwood. It is a True " OLD BOY'S CLUB " Police Force. Thug's Dressed in Blue. The NEW KKK.!


Why do cops always resort to violence? So embarrassing this is how it is in this country. Trump said he was going to make America great. But he is doing nothing about the cops.

No need to figure it out, just look at Trump himself. Trump leads by example as the Leader of America, that's summed up everything i guess.