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NYPD Cops Beat and Taser Man While Man Records from Above

Brooklyn cops beat and taser man.

See for yourself how cops behave when they don't know a camera is monitoring their every move.

"You all see this, right?' says the man holding the camera as a pair of New York City cops pair off with two men on the street below in what appears to be a traffic stop gone bad.

One cop has one man pinned down on the street, planting his weight on the man, as the the other cop punches him repeatedly.

"Why you hit him?" asks the other man.

"I'm going to hit you too," the cops responds.

The second man backs off with his hands up and the cop resumes the beating to the point where even the guy with the camera was yelling at him to stop.

The man on the street also ran up to try and get the cop to stop beating his friend.

Cops and violence are the same thing.

This is nothing new, I just thank GOD they didn't shot them that night, but when are we as a nation as a people, going to stop just taking video, and get together and actually do something, so that this racial acts and UNGODLY behavior stop! If we don't stand up together for change, then we will fall down together in defeat.....
GOD HELP US!......

I'm getting sick and tired of seeing this every single day we need to stand up against the government and fight back enough is enough we the people need to come together and stand up against the police officers and the government we need to start this movement now