Illinois Cops Taser, then Shoot and Kill Woman Trying to Escape Burning Car

Decynthia Celements was shot twice in the head by an Elgin police officer. Now they say she had cocaine in her system.

None of shots were fired at close range, according to an autopsy report by the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office last week.

The report says Clements was shot twice in the head and once in the chest on March 12 by Elgin cop Lt. Christian Jensen.

She was also tasered as she exited her burning vehicle after being pulled over for driving a "suspicious vehicle."

Officer Jenson, and the other officers on the scene were wearing body cameras.

The medical examiner has had sufficient time to review toxicology reports, which reveal Clements had cocaine in her system at the time Jensen shot her multiple times, killing her.

Jensen first pulled over Clements for driving a "suspicious vehicle" near Cedar Avenue in Elgin, Illinois.

Clements fled with a knife.

At that point, officers claim they "disengaged immediately" and later attempted to "negotiate" with Clements.

Clements would move her vehicle up "several feet," according to the officers.

Eventually, officers observed a fire inside the vehicle.

The Elgin Police Department claims officers attempted to get Clements out of the burning vehicle.

But something went wrong, they say, and Jensen's gun went off three times, striking Clements twice in the head and once in the chest.

Clements was transported to a hospital where she was pronounced dead after being shot three times.

Jensen has since been on paid leave and has not yet been charged with a crime. He has worked for the Elgin Police Department for 19 years.

UPDATE: PINAC initially reported Elgin police hadn't released the video, but that was incorrectly reported by another news outlet. The video is now included in the article.

"But something went wrong, they say, and Jensen's gun went off three times, striking Clements twice in the head and once in the chest."

The Magic Gun.

Watch the video, you can see a murder.

If the bullets are Lt. Christian Jensen's, he did it.

Wonder what the story would have been without a camera to show what happened.


Liars that should be locked up!


See, Guns do kill people! Gun went off 'accidentally' 3X. Cop had no control. The gun took over and did what it was created for. Guess we do not need cops attached to guns as the gun does well by itself. LOL. What a crock of bullshit. SHOT 3 TIMES!


So what was the shield for??

Why was his gun even unholstered, everyone else had a taser?

This story is suspicious if you ask me, they would not say what was suspicious about her vehicle? She is dead because her car was suspicious? She ran out of her car with a knife in front of police officers and the gun accidentally went off 3 times, not in close range, but with the skill of a sharpshooter? Let me guess, the cop will not be charged because he feared for his life...........so tired of hearing these stories.


What’s was in his system to shoot 3 times meth or racist? Makes you act like that, blame it on something.


Did any of you guys actually watch the video? Cops were patient, she was mouthy with them, and they were acting professionally. She tried to escape, and set her own car on fire! You people act like this is racism, its not. Its a black person who thinks there too bad ass to not comply with the police!

This is exactly the anti social behavior that police have to deal with when someones on drugs! Watch the video before you make a comment!


Well Sammy!! Nobody made the policeman choose their jobs. However, being mouthy doesn't equate to immediate or imminent danger. Druggies are common dealings with the police. Some are violent and some are not. Clearly this lady has a drug problem that should have been met with some level of compassion dispite her being irrational. No one should die by police bullets because they aren't using their training. She was all of a 100 lbs!!! She should have been tased, not killed. Please place an order for a large portion of empathy and humanity, you need it.


@Sammywest I feel where u coming from Bruh but really you had to be the only one with a gun you could just pull out your teaser. Petty sure enough volts would've put her down. They are so quick to pull guns it's like might as well get rid of the mace the teaser the night stick if they even still Carry those. Yeah allI that non lethal shit let's just throw that away and just shoot everybody.

She came at them with a knife at the end of the video that was clearly visible. Lethal force was acceptable sense they were under attack!

It may not mean they are in immediate danger no but its right for cops to assume a defensive position in case they are, which they did. They were extremely patient even when she set the car on fire. They stayed back and kept there distance probably for safety reasons. They yelled at her countless times to get out of the car after she set it on fire, and she did not. So after that she charged at them full force with a knife which is a hostile act that deserves lethal force. You people act like its all the polices fault in these situations when it is not. I'm not saying you should blindly allow police to tell you what to do, but this person went out of her way to create this situation.

SammyWest makes some good points, they seemed to show unusual even unwarranted restraint. However in Europe they have training and techniques that would have resolved the same situation without lethal force. They also didn't seem terribly bright, look how long it takes to occur to one of them to break the window of the car, and they still don't act. That would have instantly occurred to me, and I don't see how that would have put them at risk. But an erratic crack whore who sets her car on fire inside it, gets out with a knife, too many legitimate talking points to even try to sway a boot licker with this one.