Almost a week after local Tulsa Law Enforcement Officers shot and killed Joshua Barre during an attempt to capture him, the Dash and Body Camera Videos are released. The video shows the units responding from a distance and arriving nearly simultaneously and about 15 seconds later, taser deployment and then gunshots can be heard. The individuals involved have identified as Tulsa Police Officer Donnie Johnson, 32, and Tulsa County sheriff’s deputies Brandon Walker, 41, and William Ramsey, 49, fired at Barre.

No clear video capturing the totality of the events has been released as of this date. What has been released is a total of six videos of the six, two show the events the other four simply capture images of the car seats or just the view showing nothing.

According to the Tulsa Police – The following video release provided by the Tulsa Police Department will show, in part, the actions of law enforcement officers on June 9th, 2017, responding to the area of 4600 N. Martin Luther King Blvd. The video consists of footage from three vehicle cameras and one body-worn camera. The body camera footage is from Officer Donnie Johnson’s body camera and is provided in its entirety. Officer Johnson activated his camera within a few seconds after shots were fired. Because his camera was activated while powered off, rather than from a standby mode, the expected 30-second pre-event recording was not captured. We are fortunate to have video evidence from the convenience store’s camera system, which we released the day of the incident.
Officer Johnson is a beta tester for the Tulsa Police Department’s body worn camera initiative. He volunteered to test these cameras because he believes in the value of the technology for the Tulsa Police Department.We ask that the investigative process receives the respect it deserves as this is an active investigation.

All the released videos can be found here.