January 15,2015, Modesto Police Officer John C. Lee, is dispatched the residence of Patricia Mugrauer, to a report of a landlord/tenant dispute. The entire incident was documented on Body Worn Camera Video, from two different angles. What started off as a typical passive aggressive police interaction slowly develops into a case of “Contempt of Cop”, when Ms. Mugrauer decides to close her front door ending the conversation with officer Lee. He was having none of it and quickly responded by shoving a frail and disabled senior citizen a quarter of his size to the floor of her home, causing her to suffer a broken hip.

In April of 2016, Ms. Mugrauer and her attorneys file a lawsuit naming the City of Modesto and Officer John C. Lee as Defendants. The city settled for a total of 1 Million dollars combined on January 19,2017 Ms. Mugrauer died one week later, never to see a dime of her award. All the funds will be paid to her estate.