A visit to his local area Wal-Mart, Khalfani Akata Bey arrived to discover an incident where an individual suspected of shoplifting had been shot and killed by an off-duty Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputy who was working as loss prevention at the time of the incident.

As you watch the video you can clearly tell that Mr. Bey is in no way interfering nor obstructing the scene, yet a he was placed in handcuffs, placed in the back of a patrol car and detained for simply documenting an incident. The officer can be heard demanding that he “stop videoing or he going to take his phone,as evidence” claiming he has the authority to seize it. Local news KMBC, has further details, the official story is that a female deputy working as loss prevention, attempted to stop a white male she believed had committed some sort of property crime, she attempted to apprehend and deployed her ECD (Tazer) only to have it taken away from her during a struggle. The deputy then drew her weapon and according to Mr. Bey shot the accused seven times.

According to the local news reports on KMBC News,  the accused died from his injuries and the deputy was given a paid vacation as typically is the case with officer involved shootings.

I have reached out to Mr. Bey for comments and clarification regarding the outcome of the encounter, according to his face book posts, he was released only after invoking his rights and asking for a supervisor.

Mr. Bey though on private property, the property is open to the public and he was simply documenting the activities and action of public employees when a law enforcement officer decided to simply interfere and obstruct, then unlawfully detain him. Though no laws had been broken and Mr. Bey was not under any suspicion of being any sort of criminal.