A Tennessee deputy taking a female criminal justice student for a ride-along claimed she came on to him throughout his 12-hour shift.

But the aspiring law enforcement officer said he came on to her, parking his patrol car on a dead-end street before telling her he wanted to ravage her body with kisses, asking for permission to fondle her breasts.

And the 27-year-old woman had the audio recording to prove it.

Hamilton County sheriff’s deputy Gene Myers resigned after an internal affairs investigation sustained one count of unbecoming conduct against him.

But Myers insists the investigation had nothing to do with his resignation, that he resigned to launch his own business, a move he had been planning for years, according to the Times Free Press.

The student, who will not be identified in this story, told authorities that Deputy Gene Myers described sexual acts he wanted to perform on her while she was in his patrol car for a 12-hour ride-along on Oct. 25.

At one point during the ride-along, the woman secretly recorded Myers asking to touch her breasts, according to a transcript included in an internal affairs file.

“Can I touch them?” he asks on the recording.

“Touch my what? My nipple? No.” the woman replies.

“Can’t I just feel of them?” he asks again.

“No,” she says.

“Just [inaudible],” he replied.

“No, oh my gosh, no,” she said.

The woman then told Myers he was making her nervous and Myers said he was just messing around.

The deputy resigned on Nov. 7, about a month before internal affairs investigators decided there was enough evidence to sustain one count of unbecoming conduct against him. The Times Free Press on Friday obtained a copy of the final internal affairs report. Myers had worked for the sheriff’s office since 2002.

When reached by phone Monday, Myers said his resignation had nothing to do with the allegations against him. He said he resigned to build his own business, a move he’d been talking about for years. He also said the internal affairs report didn’t include the full details of the incident.

“I know what she said and I know what happened,” he said. “And she knows what happened, too.”

But Sheriff Jim Hammond took the student’s word over the deputy’s word.

“I want to assure the public and our interns that nothing like that will be tolerated while I’m sheriff,” he said.