An Ohio man video recorded a graphic video showing cops shooting into a car as it was driving away after it had struck a police motorcycle.

The man in the car, Frank Sandor, appeared to have gotten away at first, but he ended up crashing his car across the street, which was when he was pronounced dead.

The incident took place at 1 p.m. Thursday in a shopping center in Willoughby.

Willoughby police said Sandor injured a cop who was either on or near the bike, but the video does not start until after the crash.

However, the cop can be seen limping after the car had driven away.

“Oh my God! Are you OK?” the man with the camera said to the cops after recording an officer shooting three times into the vehicle.

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A statement released Thursday by Willoughby police said that Sandor gave officers false information before he placed the Pontiac in reverse and struck a police motorcycle.

The involved officer, a department veteran, suffered minor injuries after being struck by the car, Willoughby police Chief Jack Beckwith said. The YouTube video shows the officer walking with a limp after he fired the shots.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is now investigating whether the officer’s actions were criminal, agency spokeswoman Jill Del Greco said.

“We’re conducting the criminal investigation to map out exactly what happened, and we’ll turn the investigation over to the local prosecutor if there was any criminal misconduct,” Del Greco said.

A YouTube video posted shortly after the 1 p.m. shooting showed one officer fire three rounds at the fleeing car. After the shots were fired, the car traveled out of the Lowe’s lot and across Euclid Avenue, where it crashed in front of another shopping center.

Seth Stoughton, a law professor and use-of-force expert at the University of South Carolina, said shooting at a fleeing vehicle is “almost never OK.” He noted that the U.S. Supreme Court indicated it was acceptable in certain circumstances.

Willoughby police said they are waiting to get a search warrant before they search the car. As of now, there has been no mention that Sandor was armed.