An award-winning California cop crashed his patrol vehicle into a parked car and utility pole Thursday, then refused to step out when ordered to do so by responding officers, putting the car in reverse and speeding off with flashing emergency lights, a broken windshield and a dangling passenger side mirror.

The incident was caught on video by shocked bystanders as more than 1,000 homes and businesses were left without power.

Refraining from pulling their guns, the California Highway Patrol officers then tried to chase the state park law enforcement officer on foot as he pulled up to a traffic light, but then he sped away.

Oroville police officers eventually got him to pull over and placed him in handcuffs, handing him over to the CHP who transported him to the hospital and determined he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Daniel Kenney, who is listed as a state park peace officer supervisor, was then handed over to his department, who promptly placed him on paid administrative leave.

Kenney, a K-9 officer who made more than $95,000 last year,was the recipient of the 2012 Top Dog Award along with his dog Kilo for “demonstrating the best discipline, teamwork, and overall skills.”

It is not clear if Kilo was in the car with him as he made his getaway but the video shows the words “K-9 Unit, Stay Back” on the side of his patrol car.

Meanwhile, a man sitting inside the parked vehicle that was struck by Kenney’s patrol car was also transported to the hospital with minor injuries, according to Action News Now.

The incident took place at 2:30 p.m. when Kenney struck the parked car, causing both cars to strike the utility pole, which snapped in half.

It is not clear why Kenney crashed and it’s even less clear why he fled, but authorities assure us it is all under investigation.