After spending more than $2 million for body cams earlier this year, Chicago police say they have no recording of the shooting that left an unarmed teenager dead last week.

But an autopsy confirms he was shot in the back, which is probably why the camera worn by the officer who killed him was inexplicably not working.

But that didn’t stop the family of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal to file a wrongful death federal lawsuit earlier today.

The fact that police shot a teen in the back is nothing new for Chicago police. And the fact they’re getting sued is nothing new either.

Just last week, we reported that Chicago has already agreed to pay out $18.6 million in police abuse settlements this year alone with five months to go.

So the fact they paid $2.2 million for body cameras – with half of it coming from the federal government – is chump change for the Windy City.

But this time, they’re already saying the three officers involved in the shooting violated departmental policy, which is a giant leap for the second largest police department in the nation that is renowned for its Code of Silence.

The latest shooting took place Thursday after a stolen Jaguar driven by O’Neal crashed into two cop cars, prompting two officers to shoot from inside their cars, according to the Chicago Tribune.

O’Neal then stepped out the car and started running away, prompting a third officer to give chase on foot.

That officer was the one who shot him in the back, killing him.

O’Neal’s 17-year-old friend who was riding in the car with him was arrested.

Police say they are investigating why that officer’s body cam was not recording.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said there is body cam footage from the two other officers, but they did not capture the shooting.

However, that footage was used to determine that the officers violated departmental policy.

The officers, whose names have not been released, were “relieved of power,” which means they were stripped of their badge and gun and placed on desk duty.

O’Neal, who had just graduated high school, became the 671 citizen killed by police in the United States this year.

Since then, that number has reached 680, according to Killed by Police.