He recorded the police and they gave him a “rough ride” that he was lucky to survive.

California cops turned the Los Angeles County Fair into a bloody mess last September, beating up and arresting two people for recording the police, including Robert Hanson.

In a video below that’s gone completely viral, Hanson recorded three Pomona Police officers savagely beating an L.A. teenager who recorded his parent and cousin’s arrest, which led to a lawsuit.

Now, he’s suing too.

Two unidentified Pomona officers demanded that Hanson stop recording and demanded that he turn over the cell phone.

When he refused, they took it by force.

You can clearly see in the video that officers were not threatened by Hanson’s recording activities, nor did they initially try to stop him.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the complete arrest video yet, since police seized the recording devices – and edited them to defraud the district attorney’s office.

It was only when the below unedited video surfaced, did Pomona Police officers start to field multiple lawsuits for what should’ve been just another night out at the Los Angeles County Fair.

Hanson named Pomona officer Alan Pucciarelli specifically for excessive force during the illegal arrest and seizure. The veteran Los Angeles-area officer earned $91,000 in 2012, the most recent year salary records could be located.

Then Pomona Police falsely arrested Hanson for recording the 16-year-old getting cracked in the knee with a baton and threatened with a taser.

Robert Hanson is shy, and declined to be interviewed for this story, but his lawsuit tells the horrible tale of the pack of California cops who coordinated to violate his First and Fourth Amendment rights. Hanson’s lawsuit, which you can read here and below, alleges that he was recording the incident with his own cellphone when:

Plaintiff was then approached, assaulted, and falsely arrested by Pomona Police Officers. In addition to the excessive force used by Pomona Police Officers in arresting Plaintiff, Plaintiff suffered further injuries in the police van during transport to the police state as the Pomona Police Officers failed to properly belt Plaintiff in the van and made several quick stops causing Plaintiff to fall forward causing further injuries.

The entire department should be ashamed of it’s behavior, from the chief on down.

But no police officers have been arrested or charged in the beating of their 16-year-old victim at the county fair, or for assaulting Robert Hanson Either.

Pomona police turned off all commentary on its Facebook page to avoid the crush of public insult and disappointment in their unlawful behavior.

Presumably, you can still call Pomona Police at 909-622-1241 or air your grievances @PomonaPD on twitter or to their top brass.