UPDATE: It’s been two days since Wyoming police shot and killed an unarmed man in front of a church after his father’s funeral and all police can say is that Jasen Scott Ramirez, 44, was wanted on drug and weapons charges.

Now, even the bishop of the St. James Catholic Church in Douglas is questioning police would shoot and kill an unarmed man while he was grieving for his father who had passed away days earlier.

“We are saddened by the untimely loss of life in any circumstance. But the fact that this happened following a funeral liturgy when friends and family members were already grieving and outside of a house of worship, where people seek solace, makes this situation all the more troubling.

“Even in the face of growing violence in our culture, we expect as a civil society and encourage as a community of faith, that we make a stronger commitment to peaceful resolutions and enforcement of laws and a demonstration of greater respect for human life and the common good.

“It is our hope and prayer as a community for a speedy explanation of the events which led the agency to devise and carry out a strategy.

“In this time, we ask for people of good will to pray for the Ramirez family and for a greater respect for the dignity and sanctity of human life within our culture and society today.”

At first, Ramirez’s family members said it was officers from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation who killed Ramirez, but now authorities are saying it was U.S. Marshals.

They have yet to release the name of the Marshal who shot and killed Ramirez, which is typical with that agency that has a proven record of lawlessness.

Police in Wyoming shot and killed an unarmed man moments after he stepped out of his father’s funeral Thursday, according to initial reports.

But police are refusing to disclose exactly what agency shot and killed Scott Ramirez in the parking lot of St. James Catholic Church in Douglas at about 3 p.m.

All Douglas police are saying is that it was a “non-local agency” who did the killing.

And that Ramirez had an arrest warrant.

Family members told local media that it was the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation that did the shooting, a state law enforcement agency that reports to the state attorney general’s office.

According to the Douglas Budget:

The Douglas Police Department confirmed that it was an officer-related shooting, but will not say which department. Crime scene investigators are on their way to the scene now, according to a DPD spokesman.

The family said the shooters were undercover DCI agents and that Ramirez had warrants out for his arrest. The family also stated that Ramirez was unarmed and shot approximately seven times while being tasered. A cousin told the Budget that he was climbing into the passenger seat of his red Dodge vehicle after the funeral when the shooting occurred. He also said Ramirez had nothing in his hands at the time of the shooting.

The police did not confirm any of the family member’s statements.

While police are tightlipped about the killing, the Wyoming Highway Patrol released a press release stating that one of its officers was injured in a rollover collision with another car while responding to a call for “shots fired.”

But K2Radio was happy to inform its readers that although the trooper was airlifted to the hospital, he is listed in stable condition.

None of the agencies are stating what exactly was Ramirez wanted for, but an obituary posted earlier this week indicates his father was Joe Ramirez, who was 75 years old when he passed away.

We will update this as we receive more information.