In a shocking stance, the LAPD Commission agreed with Chief Charlie Beck that the police killing of a homeless man was unjustified.

The commission unanimously agreed with Beck’s report filed last month that Los Angeles police officer Clifford Proctor had no right to kill Brendon Glenn on May 5, 2015.

The records were released Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In Chief Beck’s findings, he stated “an officer with the training and experience like that of Proctor would not reasonably believe there was a substantial risk that the situation may escalate to the point where deadly force may be justified.”

Proctor had claimed that he seen Glenn pull on his partner’s holster. But his partner stated he did not feel a tug on his holster or belt.

And video evidence showed Glenn’s hands were visible when Proctor shot him twice at close range and his partner still over him.

The video, recorded from a surveillance camera, has not been released.

Proctor’s lawyer previously stated the video did not show all of the evidence.

However, Chief Beck recommended the district attorney file charges against the officer.

Meanwhile the district attorney is still reviewing the case before deciding whether charges should be brought against Proctor.

The incident in Venice, just a block from the beach, happened when officers responded to a disturbance call. Officers confronted Glenn and instructed him to leave the area.

Glenn started to comply then began became irate and started a fight with a bouncer at the bar.

Officers attempted to take Glenn into custody when he began resisting. During the struggle,

Proctor claimed Glenn grabbed for his partner’s gun, making him fear for his life.

He then claimed he injured his leg in the struggle and was photographed on crutches after the shooting.