A Chicago cop fired his gun into a purple Chrysler PT Cruiser, killing the car, and resulting in his felony arrest.

After hearing gunshots, Ediberto Diaz was observed by two cops at the Village of Melrose Park – a suburb in Cook County – walking quickly to his red pickup truck and attempting to drive away when the officers made an investigatory stop.

The report – seen below – said Diaz, “smelled of a strong odor of alcoholic beverage.”

Miraculously, driving away from the scene of a crime while drunk did not cause the Melrose Park officers to charge Diaz with a DUI.

That’s because Ediberto Diaz is a Chicago Police Department officer.

However, the two small town cops did charge Diaz with murdering a purple Chrysler after they asked him: “Did you fired [sic] a gun?” and Diaz replied in slurred speech – according to their arrest report – “Yes!”

The Melrose Park police officers then asked Diaz, “Where is the gun?”

“I am a police officer!” came the reply, “I am a Chicago Police officer!”

All of these exclamations are from the original police report, unearthed by DNAinfo’s Mark Konkol who only found out about the felony charges when Cook County district attorney Anita Alvarez (yes, the famous one who fought the constitution and lost in Alvarez vs. ACLU) put out an election year brag sheet talking about all of the cops she’s prosecuted, and Diaz’s name surprisingly showed up on that list.

Also noted in the report were numerous contacts with other on-duty officers and supervisors, whose names have been blotted out in a flagrant act of Chicagoland police secrecy in defense of the Thin Blue Line, which apparently is intended to protect drunk driving cops after they’ve feloniously discharged their weapons.

PINAC readers know that this isn’t the first time police officers are facing charges for unloading their service weapons into an unoccupied car.

Of course, the judges in Illinois don’t see a problem with that.

According to DNAinfo’s report, prosecutors asked that the accused felon-cop have his gun carrying privileges revoked.

But defense counsel convinced the Judge to let him keep his weapon, so he could keep going to work while on desk duty, which he has done ever since to earn his $69,684 government paycheck.

The owner of the PT Cruiser, for reasons unexplained in the report, refused to press charges for destruction of property.

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