An award-winning Colorado cop who had sex with a kidnapping victim while investigating her case, then lied about it, claiming she was stalking him when text messages proved he was a willing participant, was sentenced to probation this week.

Paul Patton, who resigned from the Colorado Springs Police Department in October, could have received up to six years in prison for the felony charge of attempting to influence a public servant.

Instead, he will serve four years probation and perform 300 hours of community service as part of a plea deal, according to the Colorado Gazette.

Patton was awarded the “medal of valor” in 2013, but judging by this list, almost every officer in the department was awarded the medal of valor that year, so maybe they hand them out just for showing up to work on time.

In 2014, he began investigating a case where a woman was found bound with electrical tape. He said the relationship began professionally, but it turned sexual when she just couldn’t keep her hands off him.

One day, as he was driving her to a coffee shop, she began trying to tear his pants off as he was driving to give him oral sex.

He said he fought her off, but drove her to a secluded area and had intercourse with her for 30 seconds, thinking the short duration would cause her to lose interest in him.

But all it did was make her want to have phone sex with him everyday, he claimed.

However, the woman had contacted the district attorney’s office because she wanted him to investigate her case and all he wanted to do was have phone sex with her “while he jerks off,” according to Westword.

She also shared numerous texts between them that proved he was hardly trying to end their relationship as he had claimed. The texts also proved he was sharing evidence with her of crimes that did not pertain to her case.

“I’m responsible since I was in the position of authority,” Patton said in court during his sentencing. “I’ve lost everything I’ve known.”

But at least he still has his medal of valor, for whatever that’s worth.