A new video showing Texas deputies shooting and killing a man with his arms in the air was released Friday – two days after a grand jury chose not to indict the deputies.

The video clearly shows two Bexar County sheriff’s deputies opening fire on Gilbert Flores. And it clearly shows that Flores had his hands in the air.

What is not clear was whether or not Flores was holding a knife but if he was, he never lunged or charged or even waved the knife in their direction.

And it’s not clear why there is a missing audio portion in the seconds after the shooting.

But somehow, the grand jury was convinced the deputies were in fear for their lives.

According to NBC News:

A grand jury declined to indict the deputies involved on Wednesday. Another video was released after the shooting, but one of Gilbert’s hands was obscured by a utility police in that video. The video released Friday shows the shooting in greater detail.

“This one was, I felt and my colleagues felt, was not clear cut, that it should be presented to a grand jury,” Bexar County District Attorney Nicholas “Nico” LaHood said after the grand jury’s decision, according to NBC station WOAI.

“And it was,” LaHood said. “And we presented everything.”

Bexar County sheriff’s deputies responded to the home on a domestic call before the confrontation and shooting, authorities said.

The sheriff’s department released 911 audio from the call Friday, in which the caller says “my son has gone crazy, he beat up his wife and she’s bleeding.” She also said the man has a knife.

In the background of the call, a man, presumably Flores, is heard saying “I got a knife and I’m gonna suicide by cop. So you better bring a SWAT team or whoever, gonna get ready to pull the trigger because I’m going to die today.”

The video is much clearer than the one that one surfaced after the August 28, 2015 shooting, showing the deputies shooting Flores with his hands in the air, but that video was partially obstructed by a light pole.