A disgraced Fire captain in Tampa pleaded guilty to embezzling almost $200,000 from Hope’s Children Home – a charity his father began for abandoned kids.

Alfred Schaffer, 50, pleaded guilty to federal charges and is facing up to 20 years in the slammer.

According to Tampa Fire Rescue spokesman Jason Penny, Schaffer was fired from his current position on Monday.

The worst part of this case is that Schaffer’s father passed away last year not knowing his son had written over 100 checks to himself when he was treasurer of the non-profit, according to baynews9.com.

Although Federal prosecutors can only prove in court that Schaffer took a whopping $187,000, the total amount that he stole is believed to be nearly $373,810.

Schaffer had no financial need to steal from the needy. The Daily Mail’s reports the fire captain earned a cushy $93,000-a-year salary and also owns a waterfront home in Tampa.

Because he had been stealing money from the organization for more than five years, the organization was unable to purchase a new home to house more children in need.

“Even though we were doing all we could I remember a time we had just a couple of weeks operating income in the bank,” said Mike Higgins, the organization’s executive director.

“That’s a scary thing when you have 80, 90 children. Your staff depending on the money to pay the light bill and we feed three hundred meals a day.”

Members of the organization confronted Schaffer about the money he had stolen and asked for him to pay it back, but he refused, prompting fellow members to call the police.