Brevard County sheriff’s deputies never did like PINAC’s Jeff Gray, so even though they told him Photography is Not a Crime, they still wanted to know why he was taking photos of a power plant.

In fact, the central Florida law enforcement agency did know why he was taking photos of the power plant. It was just another one of Gray’s routine First Amendment audits, which every law enforcement agency in the state of Florida has been informed about, thanks to the Florida Fusion Center treating him as a terrorist.

And the Brevard County Sheriff’s Officer should especially know this because they arrested Gray in 2013, only for them to have the charges to be dropped after his video of the arrest went viral.

But sadly, even though they knew how to phrase photography is not a crime in this latest instance, they seem to have a hard time accepting that reality. Not much different than they did on May 2015 when he was taking photos of the Patrick Air Force Base as you can see in the second video below.

The incident started when the deputies confronted him; a female deputy claiming they received “a complaint about somebody was out in this area taking pictures.”

And for that, they needed his identification.

Power Plant2

The power plant he was photographing

He told her he had no identification, not bothering to inform her was under no obligation to provide identification.

She already knew that.

But that’s when the male deputy stepped in, confirming that “photography is not a crime,” but that he would still “like to know why you’re taking pictures of a power plant.”

It was all about safety, he explained. As if there has been one documented case of terrorists photographing their targets beforehand.

“Do you not want me to protect this country and this county, is it that what you pay me to do?” the deputy asked. 

“Did you not take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States?” Gray responded.

Yes, they all did, but only a few knows what that means, which is the whole reason Gray launched his Honor Your Oath YouTube channel.