In what is turning out to be a daily occurrence, a pair of cops were caught on video abusing a teenager for some unverified crime before turning to his friend recording the abuse and pouncing on him, forcing the camera off.

But the video survived and shows an infuriating scene of two white Washington D.C. cops on top of a black teen, ordering him to stop resisting as they twist his arms behind his neck and press his face into the sidewalk as the teen screams in pain, telling him he did not do anything illegal and that he is not resisting.

A third cop runs up and orders the teen with a camera to back off – which he does – but that did not stop that cop from going after him anyway where the camera is quickly turned off.

The entire video is 32 seconds, but it has now sparked an investigation and protests.

The investigation, as usual, will consist of police circling the wagons for a few weeks before they announce that the cops were only watching out for the safety of everybody involved, including the two teens they battered.

The protests, as we have seen, have the potential to last much longer than any watered-down investigation in which the primary goal is to protect the officers at all costs.

The incident took place Monday in Washington D.C. as Jason Goolsby, 18, was attempting to withdraw money from an ATM with his friend, Mike, standing by.

Then two Washington D.C. cops came charging at them, prompting Goolsby to run away, which was when they gave chase. The third cop came and shoved the videographer and the camera turns off.

Police later said they were responding to a call of three suspicious black people trying to rob people at the ATM, but neither of the two Howard University students said anything about a third person with them.

According to WJLA:

“The initial call was for a suspicious person, three subjects may be trying to rob people at the ATM. The location for the call was 6th St and Pennsylvania Ave SE. Officers in the area responded to the assignment. One individual fled on foot from the police, was chased, and then taken down.

The individual resisted, and was handcuffed while resisting after he refused to stop. The person making the video was interfering with police, and was also detained while the incident was investigated. Neither individual was arrested,” said officer Sean Hickman said.

One witness working nearby at the time of the incident agrees with the police account that the man shooting the video became physical with police.

“He pushed the police guy,” Jorge Rivera told ABC7.

Police say after questioning him they released the young man. They also maintain they asked him whether he needed medical attention and despite his pained scream,s he declined and left.

So they even got a witness to tell the media that the burly, aggressive cop was pushed by skinny teenager, even though the video shows the teen backing up with the cop coming after him.

The video shows Goolsby wearing headphones, so maybe it’s not a matter of him fleeing from them, but only walking away, unable to hear the shouts  of cops ordering him to stop, which in cop talk, that can be translated into him running away at top speed.

Goolsby’s friend, Mike, posted the following explanations on Twitter:


The cops ended up letting the two young men go after realizing they were not committing crimes. Goolsby recently Washington’s Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts, so if you’re reading this, Jason, hit us up for an internship by emailing me at