Angry that his son had been stabbed in a fight, an off-duty New Jersey cop grabbed his gun and began confronting random people on the street, including one man whom he ordered to the ground at gunpoint, slapping and kicking him in the process.

He then confronts another man at gunpoint, ordering him down on the curb as a crowd of people urge him to calm down and put the gun away.

“Who is it? Is it him or the other one?” the off-duty Paterson police officer demanded, still wielding the gun.

The cop then started chasing a man down the street with a man following him while recording.

Eventually, on-duty uniformed cops arrived, but made no arrests, indicating the men the cop was holding at gunpoint had nothing to do with his son’s stabbing, which took place a few blocks away.

The incident took place September 24. A surveillance video captured the initial incident. A man’s cellphone captured the second part of the incident.

According to ABC 7:

“He was saying, ‘I just want to know who fought with my son, who stabbed my son,'” a witness said. “He was just going crazy.”

Witnesses say the man is a Paterson police officer whose son had been stabbed in a fight earlier that night a few blocks away. We went to the man’s home, where a woman said she was the mother of the man with the gun.

“To find that they stabbed his son, he had to react, him and his wife,” she said through a translator. “All he said was every father has a right to defend his son.”

The video circulating is titled “Off duty South Paterson cop gone wild,” and when we asked the police director about the videos, he said the department doesn’t investigate YouTube videos and that no one filed a complaint.

But after we showed up at the officer’s house, they showed up too, and spoke.

“I can’t comment on a partial video…at this time, we have a stabbing that’s being investigated,” police director Jerry Speziale said. “We have a YouTube video that we don’t have a complete video, and until someone brings us a full video, we have reports, and they have been forwarded to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.”

The man who seen on camera being kicked tells Eyewitness News he has retained an attorney and plans on filing a complaint with the prosecutor’s office and with federal agents.

Paterson police have confirmed the man with the gun was one of their own, but they have not released his name or any specifics about the incident involving his son.

Videos are posted below.