With a news copter hovering above, a Kansas City cop opened fire on a stolen vehicle as it tried to flee from a gas station, even though the cop was never directly in the path of the car.

However, many commenters on KCTV’s video are supporting the cop, claiming the suspect used his car as a weapon, then tried to run the cop over.

But other commenters pointed out that not only was the cop in any danger, but he placed other citizens at risk by firing his gun at the fleeing car.

Under normal circumstances, the cop could, indeed, claim he was standing directly in the path of the vehicle, making him fear for his life, leaving him no choice but to open fire.

That’s actually a common claim, making one wonder if perhaps cops should be trained not to place themselves in front of speeding cars.

But the overhead video will make that hard to do this time.

The incident took place this afternoon in the Missouri city of Kansas City a little a 4:20 p.m. as police were tailing a man who they said had just stolen a car from a dealership.

The car turned out not to have much gas, so the suspect pulled into a BP gas station to fuel up as the news copter and a police copter hovered above.

Moments later, a Kansas City police car pulled up and tried to block the stolen car from leaving, but the suspect hopped in his car, rammed the car and began the getaway.

That was when the cop hopped out of his car and ran up to the fleeing car with his gun drawn, firing at least twice as citizens stood around pumping gas and walking into the gas station.

The driver continued fleeing but was eventually apprehended. Click on the KMOV story to see more video from before and after the incident.

In June, a South Florida cop was fired for firing at a fleeing car, claiming he was in fear for his life. And in August, a surveillance video surfaced showing Homeland Security agents shooting at a fleeing car in South Florida, contradicting claims that they were directly in the path of the car, fearing for their lives.

Read some of the Facebook comments here. Below are just a sample of what’s there.


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