UPDATE: Youtube suspended our account for posting the video below, even though the original video is still on their website. What you see below is a capture of the original citizen journalist video hosted on our own servers.


Delaware police shot and killed a man in a wheelchair Wednesday after he refused to place his hands in the air.

Instead, he appeared to be placing his hands in his pocket, which prompted police to shoot him several times, according to a witness video recorded at the scene.

The man, identified as Jeremy “Bam” McDowell, slowly fell sideways, landing on the street as his wheelchair remained upright.

Wilmington police say McDowell had a gun. And shouts of police ordering to drop the gun can be heard in the video.

But the gun is not immediately visible in the video.

However, witnesses and family members are not disputing the claim he had a gun.

According to Delaware Online:

Alexis Anthony identified the man as her cousin, Jeremy “Bam” McDowell, 28, and said he was shot by officers five times.

She said police officers on scene told her he was trying to commit suicide and refused to drop the weapon he was going to use. Anthony, who lives on the corner of Tulip and South Scott streets, then heard five gunshots and ran outside.

“They couldn’t [use a Taser on] him?” Anthony asked. “Instead, they killed him instead. They could have knocked him out of his wheelchair.”

McDowell had been in a wheelchair since being shot and paralyzed when he was 18, Anthony said.

Delaware cops say McDowell had shot himself beforehand.

And the video shows one officer shot at him almost a minute before the barrage of bullets finished him off.