In what is becoming a disturbingly frequent occurrence, a two-year-old pit bull named Face was shot and killed by a Fresno County sheriff’s deputy with the last name of Hernandez.

And the entire incident was caught on video by a neighbor.

In the footage, you’ll see two deputies enter a fenced-in backyard, then the lead officer (who we believe to be Hernandez) appears to motion towards or possibly kick at the dog.

Hernandez then quickly draws his gun and fires multiple shots into the approaching canine. The dog scampers away as the second officer stumbles over lawn furniture, seemingly unsure of whether or not to pull his weapon and fire into the dog like his partner.

Hernandez then walks up to the injured dog and appears to fire one last time, as if to finish the job.  Watch the video below and tell us what you see.

Here’s an excerpt from the first post made by Face’s owner on the page Justice 4 Face:

This morning a fresno county sheriff’s deputy shot my dog five times…..In my back yard ….Behind a locked gate in front a a two yr old kid …..
You know i used to believe that cops were good …Supposed to be honest and protect you and stuff….But latley i have has deputies lie in reports they have written….Lie on the stand and n9w tresspass into my backyard ….Threw my locked gate….Kick my dog then shoot him five times in front of a two yr old kid they were here to protect because of a neighbors complaint of her crying for 30 min…..Wth right
why not knock on the front door perhaps….Or read the sign on the locked gate that says beware of dog ….Guard dog on duty…..Or look threw the chain link fence and see if the child was in any danger….Which she was not ….Untill she was hit by the door as i ran towards the sound of gun shots by my window…and the deputy not only shot my dog but chased it down shot it again in fron t of myself and the kid

A person who liked the Justice 4 Face page sent a message to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office through Facebook, asking if Deputy Hernandez will be punished.

This was the reply they received:

In typical copologist fashion, the person answering messages on the sheriff’s Facebook page seems to imply that the video doesn’t accurately portray one of their deputies killing a dog by shooting it multiple times.

It seems that law enforcement officers are so accustomed to their narratives remaining unscrutinized, that they’re not even trying anymore. The obvious flaw in the sheriff office’s example is that pantomiming a fight may look damning on video, but no one is left battered in bruised.

In contrast, Face the dog is dead. And a family is forever changed.

You can contact the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office on their website, their Facebook page, or by phone at 559-600-8400. PINAC is continuing to look into this story, and will update as more information becomes available.