On August 9, a Philadelphia police officer ran over a woman’s beloved pet dog as the woman watched, telling her that “it’s just a dog,” as the woman sobbed and held her companion’s dying body.

Sidara D. Son was hanging out with friends and her dog, Phoebe, in her yard when they saw Sargeant Chad Culbreath (35th Precinct, Badge #3207) speeding down their street.  Believing that he was driving too fast through the residential neighborhood, they attempted to get his attention so they could ask him to slow down.

Unfortunately, as this was happening, the friend who was holding Phoebe lost their grip and the dog ran into the street.  According to a blog post about the incident, Sargeant Culbreath sped up his car and deliberately ran Phoebe down as well as almost hit the person who was trying to grab her.

As Son ran into the street and held her bloody and broken dog, she cried out to the officer’s asking them what if it had been a child.  The officer coldly responded that it “isn’t a child, it’s just a dog.”

To make matters worse, the heartless cop threatened to arrest her as she mourned in the street.  As Son pleaded with the officer to let her take Pheobe to a vet, he refused to allow her to leave and called for backup.  Five more police vehicles arrived and blocked off her street.

“Culbreath’s supervisor, Sgt. Morrow, was one of the back up units.  He also stood by and refused to let Son take her dog to the veterinarian.  Sgt. Butler of animal control was on the scene too, and she informed Son that she would take the dog to Animal Control and euthanize it.  Son kept trying to make them let her take her dog to an emergency animal clinic.  Eventually they let her go, but it was too late, Phoebe died in her arms on the way,” the post on Bloodhound News read.

While the department has assured Son that an investigation would take place, we rarely, if ever, see police punished for killing human beings- let alone pets.  Son is not giving up however, and has created a Facebook page called Justice 4 Phoebe Son, which is full of information and a call for Culbreath to be fired.

“I want the truth to be seen by the world of how cruel and heartless Officer Culbreath was and how the Philadelphia police handled the situation.  Phoebe was not ‘just a dog’!  She was my child, my precious angel, she brought so much joy to my life.  I miss her so badly.” Son told Bloodhound News.

The Philadelphia Police Department’s 35th district can be reached at 215.686.3350 if you would like to assist Son in calling for Officer Chad Culbreath’s termination.