A trip to Walmart took a tragic turn after an unarmed man with a “failure to appear” warrant was recognized by a police officer and killed in front of his devastated wife.  As she frantically tried to stop the bleeding, the officer allegedly threatened to shoot her as well.

The heartbreaking aftermath was captured by a witness, but we must warn you that his wife’s pained screams will haunt you.

Charles S. Hall, 30, was shot and killed by Maryland State Trooper Daryl Brackett, a three-year veteran of the force, on Friday evening in a Cecil County Walmart parking lot around 9 p.m.

The officer recognized him and allegedly knew that Hall was wanted for violating his probation, having an outstanding warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia, and failing to appear for drug counseling.

According to the department, a struggle ensued as Brackett attempted to arrest him before Hall got into his vehicle and attempted to leave the scene.

“He advised him he was under arrest, the man refused to submit, resisted and a physical altercation began between the wanted person and the trooper. This actually moved to the driver’s side of the suspect’s vehicle, a physical struggle was going on, the suspect was able to get his key into the ignition, get the vehicle started,” Maryland State Police Spokesperson, Greg Shipley, told CBS Baltimore.

A knife was found inside the vehicle, but it was not used or brandished during the incident.

Witnesses claim that the officer then climbed into the vehicle so that he was on top of Hall before shooting him in his upper torso.  In the video, the witnesses also discuss seeing him being maced before he was shot.  Hall was pronounced dead at the scene.

His wife tragically witnessed the entire ordeal, and is seen in the video hysterically attempting to get some answers as to why they murdered her husband.  At one point she is seen banging on the hood of a police vehicle.

“You are a murderer! He was not armed! He was not fucking armed! You killed my husband!” She screams throughout the video.

Despite her attempts to get to over to Hall, the police would not let her approach him.  The pain of watching someone you love die on the pavement without being able to hold and comfort them is almost too much to bear.

Raw Story reports that following what we see in the video, she was strapped to a stretcher and taken away, where she continued to scream at the officers and attempt to break free.

“The investigation is ongoing, our investigators are interviewing witnesses, processing evidence and when the investigation is completed it will be presented to the Cecil County State’s Attorney for a review.” Shipley continued on to say.

Brackett is currently on administrative leave.  It is currently unknown if he was wearing a body camera during the killing.