Ferguson is once again becoming a flashpoint between protesters and police officers on the 1 year anniversary of former Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson shooting and killing teenager Mike Brown.

PINAC Correspondent Cassandra Fairbanks has been on the scene since this afternoon and live streamed her own arrest at the hands of St. Louis Police while covering the protesters’ shut down of Interstate Highway 70 during the peak of rush hour. That video is at the bottom of this article.

One car broke the blockade, but most motorists braved the Ferguson protests with stoicism and didn’t try to flatten the protesters.


Fairbanks was in the thick of the action reporting the story this afternoon, when police put her in flexi-cuffs and detained her and several other journalists.

Between 50-150 protesters were on the highway, leading to a crackdown.

Later in the evening, Fairbanks reported that both sides seemed to handle the close contact well. This article contains observations about Ferguson from her live streams on Periscope.

However, nobody would call tonight’s Ferguson demonstration without violence. Rather, police managed not to escalate the situation into a shooting, or to use tear gas or rubber bullets. Reporters in the area feared the deployment of an LRAD device – an audio weapon used in crowd control – but it was not to be.

The St. Louis Police did use pepper spray on the crowd a bit.

Ultimately, these tactical skirmishes between protesters and police are escalating the overall tone of dissatisfaction pouring forth from the mostly St. Louis area residents who are taking to the streets.

Eventually, St. Louis cops demanded that city streets be cleared or face arrest in an announcement to protesters around midnight. Most of them stayed in the road, but eventually police got sick of watching a boring protest lacking violence and lawlessness.

Police brought APCs and Bearcats out onto the streets after 1am, but retreated nearly as fast as they appeared. However, one can assume those war wagons terrorized innocents citizens of Ferguson uninvolved with protests as the armored vehicles plodded through the side streets of a city rocked by racial violence.

A year has passed, but not much has changed in the Show Me State, and police authorities are still inhibiting civil liberties, which is encouraging their citizens to perform acts of civil disobedience to mock the state and petition their government.

Ultimately, the majority of arrests made tonight in Ferguson happened during the videos below when protesters blocked I-70.