William Chapman is the name of an unarmed teenager that was shot by a Virginia police officer earlier this year after he was accused of shoplifting by a cop who had killed another unarmed man in 2011.

Witnesses said Portsmouth police officer Stephen Rankin was struggling to arrest Chapman in the parking lot of a Walmart when the 18-year-old broke free. One witness, who was never named in media reports, said that Chapman then charged towards the officer, which was when he fired.

That was when Rankin shot Chapman.

But now an autopsy report indicates that Chapman was shot in the head and chest from several feet away. It also determined there was no drugs or alcohol in his system.

And, more importantly, there is no evidence he had shoplifted anything the night of April 22, 2015.

Wendy Gunther, an assistant chief medical examiner for the State of Virginia, said, “There is no evidence of close-range fire to visual inspection.”

A toxicology report was conducted by state forensic investigators; the report purported that William’s blood had no traces of drugs or alcohol. The Portsmouth Prosecutors Office mentioned, “Once all findings have been turned over to the commonwealth’s attorney, there will be a review and final prosecutorial determination”.

William’s family has already filed a civil lawsuit against the Portsmouth Police Department. Neither Walmart officials nor police have mentioned any proof of theft conducted by William Chapman.

There is video evidence of William in the Walmart, but that video has not been released.

Walmart is one of the strictest grocers when it comes to larceny. Some Walmarts have experienced so much theft that every customer must show their receipt when exiting the store; not to mention all of the ridiculous anti-theft mechanisms they place on products.

Many high profile products prevent honest customers from even taking the product off the shelf without a special employee key. And it can be almost impossible to flag down a Walmart employee at peak hours to place a product in your shopping cart.

Meanwhile, the Portsmouth Police Department will not even confirm that Rankin pulled the trigger on Chapman. It took the Officer’s Union of Portsmouth to confirm Rankin was the triggerman.

And as mentioned, this is not Rankin’s first deadly encounter; in 2011 he shot and killed  a cook named Kirill Denyakin. It is reported that Kirill was drunk and charged at Officer Rankin while reaching in his waistband; that is when Rankin shot Kirill. There was never a weapon found on Kirill.