A video uploaded to Facebook Saturday captured Grand Prairie police assaulting a man while arresting him, refusing to explain why he was being arrested in the first place.

The footage was uploaded by a user named Nunu Jones, who posted it along with the caption, “this shit gotta stop. First they arrest my brother without telling him why and when he squirms because they are hurting him they don’t give a damn and continue.”

Three officers are seen piling on the man as one of them knees him in the face and neck.  His mother is seen on her knees in the doorway yelling for the officers to stop.

A fourth officer, armed with a taser, arrives and begins telling Jones to get back.  He was not interfering in any way that would require a taser be pointed at him.

“Help! Help! Help! They’re hurting me!” the man cries out as the officers begin to cuff him.

It is currently unclear why the man was being arrested as they refused to inform him or his relatives in the video, but the officers were reportedly responding to a call.

Jones asks why they are using such excessive force throughout the duration of the footage, but does not receive an answer.

“They were called out. They told my brother to sit until they found out what was going on. He moved out of the sun 3ft away and then this happened.” Jones wrote of the incident.

Jones has stated that he intends to file complaints regarding the incident.  His brother’s bail is reportedly set at $1,700.

“Dear police, nobody will be still with a fkn knee in their neck!!!! But you call that resisting..” Jones wrote.

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” Orwell wrote in his novel 1984, that applies to knees, also.