A 3-year-old pitbull is recovering after a Houston police officer shot her while she was leashed, next to her still nursing puppies.

The pitbull named Prada was outside her home on Wednesday with her pups, when a foot chase occurred between a police officer and one of the owner’s neighbors.

Police shot at the neighbor, they then shot the chained up dog.

“The officer told him to stop. He shot at the dude. The dog ran to the end of the chain when she heard the shot. When she ran to the end of the chain, she had no place to go. When she didn’t have no place to go, when she reached the end of her destination, she turned to run back towards where the officer was going back under the house,” neighbor Michael Walker told Click 2 Houston.

The department claims that the man they were chasing, Dwight Davis, 29, had picked up the dog and ordered it to attack the officer.  The officer claims that he, shocker, “feared for his life.”

The pitbull’s owner, Robert Alexander, then had to pay the $200 bill from the veterinarian, and will have far more expenses as it is reportedly going to take several thousand dollars for surgery to fix Prada’s wounded hind leg.

The police have not offered to help cover the costs of treatment and have not even apologized.

Davis was being arrested for allegedly selling crack cocaine, but was only charged with evading arrest and retaliation against the police – implying that no drugs were found.

Thankfully, Prada survived the ordeal.  It is estimated that a dog is killed by law enforcement in the United States every 98 minutes on average.

We seldom hear of any other profession that comes in contact with pets, including garbage collectors and postal workers, who “fear for their lives” as much as cops, resulting in them killing man’s best friend.