Orlando police detained three teenagers who were waiting for their Uber ride in a parking garage after a concert Sunday, accusing them of smelling like marijuana, which was why they needed to search them.

One of the teens pulled out a phone to record, which prompted Orlando police officer Michael Napolitano to try and rip it out of his hand.

Mario Manzi, 19, informed Napolitano that he had a right to record before handing the phone to his friend, Ryan Diaz, 19.

“Record this, record this,” Manzi tells Diaz.

But the cops turn on Diaz, who passes the phone back to Manzi, who, in turn, records the cops pouncing on Diaz, knocking him to the ground and punching him several times.

“Get on the ground, get on the ground!” a cop yells at Diaz, who is already on the ground.

After all the teens were searched, police discovered no marijuana, according to One92, a Central Florida website.

But that did not stop them from arresting Diaz on a charge of battery on a police officer, even though it appears that he was the only one battered that night.

Manzi and the other friend, Jazmin Ahmed, 19, were cited with trespassing, even though it does not appear that the owner of the property had asked them to leave.