In typical mainstream media fashion, following University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing’s indictment for the murder of Samuel Dubose – the shills at CNN, Fox News and NBC continued to passively vilify the victim while portraying the killer cop as some sort of hero.

Unfortunately for them, social media was not falling for this old trick and the networks received a storm of backlash.

In news stories, live reports on television and tweets, mainstream media repeatedly used an old mugshot of Dubose alongside a smiling badge clad portrait of his killer – even though there are plenty of available photos of Dubose where he is not being incarcerated.

The outrage poured in from people all over the world as the corporate media criminalized a man while presenting his killer in a positive light.

Tensing’s mugshot was released immediately after he turned himself in, allowing the media to begin using that image.  This is a mugshot from the crime he was indicted for, which makes it relevant, unlike the mugshots of Dubose.

This is not the first time that the media has deliberately chosen to character assassinate a victim after their literal assassination in the streets.  There are no lengths the media will stop at when pandering to a pro-police narrative.

For example, following the shooting of 20-year-old unarmed Dillon Taylor by Officer Bron Cruz of the Salt Lake City Police Department, the Salt Lake City Tribune, parroting the police, reported that Taylor has had prior run-in’s with the law, although even the police admit that the officer did not know this and it was unrelated.  Their headlines regarding the incident repeatedly referred to him as “the fugitive.”

The dashcam video was later released, (the SLC Tribune had it and withheld it from the public for a while citing that it was “too graphic”) and showed the officer shooting the young man who was listening to headphones and likely could not hear police orders, as he turned around with his hands clearly visible and empty.  What we saw before seeing the life leave Taylor’s bloody body matched his friend’s story exactly.

The police had been looking for a suspect and Taylor had nothing to do with why they were called.  He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Instead of digging into the past’s of victims, perhaps it is time for the media to begin digging into the pasts of the armed lunatics who are killing people in the streets.