Miami-Dade police entered the backyard of Vivian Lopez last week and killed her 8-year-old daughter’s beloved American Bulldog, Tyson, and the police are refusing to provide her with any answers as to why.

When Lopez inquired as to why the South Florida cops were even on her property, she told the local news outlet WSVN that she received conflicting stories, but she did say one officer told her they were searching for suspected car thieves in the area.

“His head was facing this way, and the cops came from this way. They shot him in his chest with a shotgun, right here where the blood stain is still at, and we had to clean up the blood.” Lopez told WSVN.

Tyson had reportedly never shown any signs of aggression and never had any complaints filed against him, yet these officers claimed that they shot the family pet with a shotgun, to “protect themselves.”

The family was left with the bloodstains from their friend’s final moments and no closure as there has been no reasonable explanation provided by the department.

“We have no dog, no answers and dog blood everywhere.” Lopez continued on to say.

The Miami-Dade Police Department, in typical police fashion, has not issued an apology or admitted to any wrong-doing, despite the fact that they stole the life of a little girl’s best friend.

“As any open professional compliance bureau investigation, we do not comment into the matter,” Miami-Dade Police Detective Daniel Ferrin told WSVN.

Lopez explained that her daughter does not understand the shooting, as her pet “wasn’t mean,” and that the child wants something to be done so that the family may find some closure.

There are no official databases that track the amount of dogs killed by law enforcement, and neither the FBI nor the Bureau of Justice Statistics collect data on this seemingly common occurrence.

Therefore, concerned citizens have once again created their own- much like the ones created by activists and journalists to keep track of the human beings killed by law enforcement.  The website, called the Puppycide Database Project, aims to create a fast, comprehensive record of every police shooting of an animal in the United States using open source software that can be shared freely and anonymously with anyone and hosted anywhere.

Activists and independent studies have concluded through the use of news reports that it is a reasonable estimate that a dog is killed by law enforcement every 98 minutes, on average, in the United States.

There has not been a single officer on duty killed by a dog in the past 50 years.

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