A silent and peaceful protest against police violence in St. Louis ended with even more police violence when a woman recorded herself pleading with officers to stop hurting her as they tased her multiple times Friday evening for doing nothing more than walking down a sidewalk.

The protest, organized by the Black Lives Matter movement, took place outside of Busch Stadium during the Cardinals game and was intended to raise awareness among attendees of the sporting event.  Demonstrators tweeted out photos of a peaceful scene using the hashtag #ShutDownBaseball as they gathered near the entrance, held signs, and scrawled messages with chalk without incident- until approximately 11:30 when many demonstrators began to leave.

The last of 13 remaining demonstrators began to disperse, but stepped off of the sidewalk and into the streets with unwavering determination for their cause as they departed, Revolution News reports.

As they did so, St. Louis police reportedly ordered the demonstrators back on to the sidewalk, which they defied.  After the officer’s commands were ignored, Lieutenant Dan Zarrick gave the order to begin arrests.  An officer is heard on the video stating, “Grab anybody, they were all in the street.”

When the video begins, two people are already in police custody and the remaining six are on the sidewalk attempting to leave the scene.  We see an officer dart in front of the people walking away with his taser drawn and order them to get back.

The scene becomes hectic as officers reportedly run up behind the woman filming and the three people she is with.  We hear her beg and plead with the officers to stop tasing her as she cries out in pain.

“Please Stop, please stop, your hurting me, I can’t, it hurts, I can’t, it hurts so bad,” the woman cries as she is tased at least three times.

There were eight arrests, all were charged with impeding the flow of traffic, and two of them charged additionally with resisting arrest.