An armed 60-year-old Georgia man was shot twice on Monday morning after shooting at a deputy twice – and the entire incident was caught on the deputy’s dashcam.

The shocking footage has already been released, unlike in cases where the police shoot unarmed victims.

The Troup County Sheriff’s Office was called to the home of Terry Lee Caldwell shortly after midnight on Monday morning.  His neighbors had called the sheriff’s office to report that Caldwell was firing his weapon.  When deputies arrived, they found him sitting in his carport and he appeared to be acting very erratically.

Deputy Stephen D’Angelo began asking Caldwell what he had in his hands, and Caldwell begins yelling unintelligibly at the officer in response.

Around 23 seconds into the video, Caldwell is seen showing D’Angelo his empty hands as he continues yelling.

But ten seconds later picks up his weapon, firing at the deputy twice but missing.

And D’Angelo returned fire with four rounds – two of which struck Caldwell.

Caldwell then places his weapon on the ground and D’Angelo calls for backup, stating that there were shots fired.  Seconds later, Caldwell picks up his beer and casually takes a sip.

“I’m good, he’s hit.  It looks like the leg and the side of the chest.” D’Angelo is heard reporting.  The deputy seems to remain calm, despite having been fired upon.

The video ends before backup arrives, so it is unknown how Caldwell was taken into custody, but he was transported to the hospital following the incident with two gunshot wounds – one to his elbow and one to his thigh.  His injuries are reportedly not life threatening, according to the Ledger-Enquirer.

No deputies were injured during the encounter.

The Sheriff’s Office intends to charge Caldwell with aggravated assault on a peace officer and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime once he is released from the hospital.

If only they released footage with this much ease in every encounter, including when deputies are in the wrong, we may actually be able to see some change.