Dallas police forced a man with a camera off a public street named Community Drive, claiming the street belonged to them because it led to the Northwest Patrol Division, one of several precincts throughout the sprawling Texan city.

A man who goes by The Battousai on Youtube was standing across the street from the building when a pair of cops in a single patrol car came screeching up, telling him he was on “private property.”

One cop demanded his identification because of “ISIS” and “all the things going on” as more cops began arriving.

The man said he didn’t have an identification and would not provide his name, so the other cop told him he had to leave the area.

The man pointed out there were no signs warning people that he was in a restricted area, but a sergeant told him that didn’t matter he was calling the shots at the moment and he didn’t want anybody on Community Drive unless they had official police business.

“This is not place where citizens do normally have access,” the sergeant said.

“Unless you have official city business, I have to ask you to go up there.”

Up there, of course, was down the street, towards the end of Community Drive, which he learned, was not open to the community.

We wrote about The Battousai last year when he was handcuffed for recording outside the Red Rock Police Department in Texas. And his whole Youtube channel is filled with these types of audits, so it’s highly recommended.