A dashcam inside a parked car captured a man appearing to shoot a real gun towards an unseen subject before hopping into a getaway car on a residential street in Chicago.

I use the word “appearing” because there is always that chance this turns out to be a hoax.

The video, posted on Youtube Sunday under the title, “Dashcam footage of gangbanger shootout in Chicago,” has yet to reach 10,000 views at this time, but that is¬†likely to change soon.

The account’s username is Albowrx and this is the only video on the channel, which was launched in 2006.

Fast forward to 1:15 to catch the drama.

Albowrk stated the following in the comments section:

I watched the whole thing as it went on from a third story rooftop. My truck was hit in the process in the bumper. Another work truck was hit on the other side of the street. They hit anything but their targets.

The Chicago Tribune reported this morning that 41 people were shot in the city since Friday, including nine who were killed, mostly due to gang warfare.

The man in the video repeatedly shooting a gun is accompanied by a boy who is holding a bottle of water and takes off running once the shooting begins.

UPDATE: ABC 7 in Chicago confirmed it was an actual shooting.

Eight shots were fired in all, all of it happening in less than 15 seconds.

There are no reports that the bullets hit anyone, but they did hit a nearby home with a 9-year-old boy inside.

“We seen the bullets, they went through the window of the living room, through the living room, through the bedroom where the kid was playing with his iPad and it stopped in the bathroom,” said Faiz Methana. “Luckily, the sofa’s are on this side. If somebody was sitting by the sofa, the bullet would have went through his head.”

While the video shows only one shooter, Chicago Police said Monday afternoon they think there were two people doing the shooting, that it was actually an exchange of gunfire.

Come back later for more details as we are sure will be emerging on Tuesday.