Texas cops arrested a teen for merely watching them Monday, accusing him of interfering with their investigation, forcing the 17-year-old to spend a night in jail and miss a day from school.

But footage from their own body cams shows that Dylan Waddle was nowhere near their investigation, which turned out to be nothing but other teens playing with toy guns anyway.

But in Springtown, population 3,000, that apparently is considered a top secret investigation.

According to WFAA:

Two Springtown officers responded to the Taco Time on Highway 199 on Monday afternoon after receiving reports of guns being shown outside of moving cars.

When the officers arrived, they realized it was high school student and the guns in question were not real.

During questioning of both students, Waddle walked outside the store to watch from a closer vantage point.

“What I was trying to prevent, I had happen to myself,” Waddle said.

Video from the bodycams worn by officers shows two officers forcibly detain Waddle after he refused to go back in the store after being ordered to do so.

Despite evidence from their own cameras showing Waddle broke no law,  Springtown Police Chief Ed Crowdis told the local media that Waddle had come “to antagonize.”

But usually that’s the term reserved for citizens trying to record them, not just watch them.