Floyd Dent, the 57-year old black man savagely beaten by Michigan Police Officers from Inkster PD, recently took and passed a lie detector test to clear his name.

Dent, a Ford Motor Company employee for the past 37 years, was charged with assault and battery, resisting arrest, fleeing or eluding police and possession of cocaine, which he claims was planted by police officers.

A judge dismissed all charges stemming from the physical altercation after a dashboard camera video directly refuted statements made by the arresting officers.

Dent, who passed a blood test for narcotics after the arrest, was avid about his about taking a polygraph.

“I want to take one just to let everybody know, the public and everything, that I’m honest and telling the truth,” Dent, said.

During the lie detector test, Dent was asked whether he verbally threatened the officers; whether the officers are correct that he threatened to kill them; if the police are correct that he had crack cocaine in his vehicle; and if Dent was lying about the drugs.

He answered “No,” to each question, and passed the test, NBC affiliate WDIV reported.

The video from the Jan. 28 arrest shows officers dragging Dent from his car and placing him in a chokehold. He was then kicked, shocked with a Taser and punched in the head 16 times by police officers.

Arresting officer William Melendez claimed  Dent threatened to kill him and bit him repeatedly after wrestling him to the ground.

It should be noted he made no effort to file an official report about any sustained injuries.

The official report is requrired protocol for even the most minor scratches. This should come as no surprise, as Melendez has a long rap sheet of police abuse offenses.

The Inkster officer was indicted on charges of planting drugs and falsifying reports while working as a Detroit police officer, earning him the nickname “Robocop.”

Conveniently enough, audio from the dash cam was turned off during the initial interaction with Dent that led to his bloody fate. However, evidence and Melendez’s shady past may play out in Dent’s favor.

The Wayne County prosecutor has asked for two weeks to reevaluate a drug possession charge, to which Dent plead not guilty.

This has become a classic case of he-said he-said, but only one of these men has a criminal past.

Dent’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 15.